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Akos Farkas shooting with a Debrie Super Parvo "L" camera. Akos Farkas with Marcel Krols Akos Farkas on location in Holland. Camera is a Debrie Super Parvo "L" Akos Farkas on the set in Canada. This picture was taken while the crew celebrated his birthday. The person with the visor on the right is believed to be Benoit Jobin, his camera assistant. Akos Farkas, standing behind the director while setting up a shot at VPI, New York. Camera: Mirchell BNC (rack-over) Akos Farkas lighting a scene for a T.V. commercial at VPI, New York. Note the extensive use of the orignial Lowel Lights. Director of Photography, Akos Farkas taking a light meter reading on Mary Ford during the filming of the "Les Paus and Mary Ford Show." Akos Farkas checking the camera. Akos Farkas with a Mitchell NC Standard Camera on location in New York City. Akos Farkas (behind the camera) on location in San Francisco. The assistant (turned around in crane seat) is Leo Lebowitz. Director of Photography Akos Farkas with Shari Lewis (without her puppet Lambchop. Akos Farkas lighting a very young Mickey Mantle for a Television Commercial. Hal Barnes (Hans Barnstijn) on the left was a sound editor in Hollywood. He was honored with "Golden Reel" awards to "The Great Race" in 1966 and for "Bonnie and Clyde" in 1968. Loet with Zoli Vidor, ASC at MPO Videotronics Studios in New York filming a Mobil Oil commercial with Edie Adams. Camera is a Rack-Over Mitchell BNC. Loet and Bert Spielvogel on location at the Rupert Brewery in New York City. A custom camera sled was built at the brewery because there was no way to bring a camera crane into the building.  Top right of photo is A. Norman Leigh, Gaffer Loet and Bert Spielvogel on location at the Rupert Brewery in New York City. Loet on location in Arizona with Zoli Vidor, ASC for Phillips 66 with David Hartman, who later became host of "Good Morning America." Photo 1966. Loet on location in Arizona with Zoli Vidor, ASC for Phillips 66 with David Hartman, who later became host of "Good Morning America." Photo 1966. Loet Farkas, Assistant Cameraman with the late Bert Spielvogel on location at the old Rupert Brewery in New York City. Loet (kneeling on the ice with slate) behind him is Zoli Vidor, ASC and th the right of the camera is Director Ira Marvin on location in Central Park, New York City.  Foreground on skates is Assistant Director Norman Gewirtz. Loet on the set with Director / Cameraman Steve Horn. Camera: Arri IIC with video tap. Loet on location with Steve Horn. Camera: Camera Service Center (CSC) R2A BNC Reflex conversion. A Polaroid picture of Loet taking a meter reading on the set of a Steve Horn shoot. Loet checking the lighting for a razor commercial with Yogi Berra. Loet (in red jacket) on location in Kyoto, Japan with Steve and Linda Horn. Loet on location in Sicily, Italy on a bitter cold day re-aligning the Video Tap on an Arri IIC Camera.
Advantage Gripware is owned and operated by a family with a three generation history in the motion picture industry. Grandfather Loet C. Barnstijn was a Dutch movie mogul. He produced many famous Dutch movies in the early years of film. In October of 1935 his dream of building Movie Studios in Holland became a reality and Filmstad (Film City) opened in The Hague. Akos Farkas was the cameraman on many of the films made at Filmstad, he married one of L.C.B's daughters, Charlotte and went on to become a very well-known Director of Photography in Europe. When World War II broke out, L.C.B. fled to the United States. Filmstad was taken over by the Nazis and used as a V2 base to bombard London. In 1945, the allied forces bombed the entire complex. Today the site is a park. As the “Cold War” heated up, Akos and Charlotte along with their three children emigrated to the United States in 1952, where after a long struggle he again became well-known for his superb lighting, winning many awards,  shooting mostly television commercials along with some TV series and feature films. Akos died in 1971 in Manhasset, NY. In 1979, Charlotte, her son Loet, an Assistant Cameraman (Local 644) and a Production Manager, her daughter Paula along with Loet's wife Lynn started Char-Lyn Motion Picture Products. At the beginning, Charlotte and Lynn would go to the New York Rental Houses and pick up frames to be recovered. They would then stop at Dazian's to buy the fabrics to cover the different frames. The company's original location was in Lynn's basement. After a few years, with the addition of many other products, we moved from the basement into a 400 square foot warehouse. All sewing was done by Charlotte, Lynn and Paula at their respective homes on Long Island, NY. In 1992, Charlotte passed away after surviving W.W.II in Holland and a long bout with cancer. Char-Lyn evolved into Advantage Gripware. In 1997 the entire operation was moved to Douglasville, Georgia in search of more sewing machine operators and more space, moving into a 2,000 square foot facility there. As we continued to grow, it became evident that a large expansion was necessary. In March, 2006 we opened a new 12,000 square foot facility in Roanoke, Alabama. On December 18, 2006 Advantage Gripware again moved to an even larger (18,000 square feet) manufacturing plant, also located in Roanoke, where most of our products are manufactured and warehoused under one roof. Today, Lynn is President, Loet is COO, and Paula is Secretary.
Watching filming at Filmstad. Loet C. Barnstijn (left) in his office at Filmstad discussing business.  Portraits behind him are his two daughters Charlotte on the left and Louise (Loekie) on the right. Filmstad Administration Building with pond and fountain in front.  The two studios are on the right. Hans Barnstijn (Hal Barns) left, Loet C. Barnstijn second from the right in front of the Administration building at Filmstad. Inside on of the sound stages at Filmstad. Cast & Crew in front of the Emma Sound Stage at Filmstad.  Akos Farkas with briefcase in front row. Grand Opening of Filmstad, October 1935. Bronze plaque presented to L.C.B. by the employees of Filmstad.  It is still in the family. Loet C. Barnstijn at the microphone. Loetafoon patent application drawing. Loetafoon.  Patented by Loet C. Barnstijn and installed in all of the Barnstijn family theatres.  It was the closest thing to talkies at that time.  The patent was bought by Philips but never developed further. Two Loetafoons in foreground, synced up to carbon arc projectors. Loet C. Barnstijn on left, Hans Barnstijn (Hal Barns) on right. Left to right:  Kurt Gerron (Director), Paula Van Houten - Barnstijn and A. M. DeJong (Author) at a dinner celebrating several awards won by the picture "Merijntje Gijsens Jeughd." The "Emma" and "Wilhelmina" Studios at Filmstad. Akos Farkas, Director of Photography behind the camera, setting up a dolly shot. Director of Photography, Akos Farkas behind the camera on an early camera crane on the grounds of Filmstad. Cast & Crew of "Pygmalian" filmed by Akos Farkas (second from left top row) in 1937. Director of Photography Akos Farkas (seated) on the set of "Merijntje Gijzens Jeugd" in 1936.
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